Assured’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools and services allow your organization to securely manage devices your employees use to access corporate data and networks.

These services are designed to work primarily withiOS and Android devices.

MDM services provide a number of benefits to organizations, including the ability to:

Enforce security policies on mobile devices, such as requiring the use of strong passwords and encrypting data.

Monitor and track the location of mobile devices, allowing organizations to locate lost or stolen devices.

Remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices to protect sensitive corporate information.

Install and update applications on mobile devices, ensuring that employees have access to current versions of the tools they need to accomplish their goals.

Provide technical support for employees' iOS and Android devices.

MDM services from Assured help your organization to ensure the security of your data and networks, while also providing your employees with the tools they need to optimize their productivity.

Our services help improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. Our team’s fluency with iOS and Android devices allows your organization the confidence it needs that its Mobile Device Management needs are being met. Let us become your trusted superhero for impeccable Mobile Device Management.
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