State & Local Government

State & Local Governments preside over individual states, counties, cities, and other local jurisdictions.

Governmental bodies are responsible for providing a wide range of services and support to the communities they serve, including education, public safety, health and human services, transportation, and environmental protection. State & Local Governments often rely on complex technology systems and infrastructure to support their operations, and may face unique challenges and opportunities related to the use of technology.

Assured helps State & Local Governments in a number of unique ways.

For example, we provide secure, reliable technology infrastructure and support to help governments operate more efficiently and effectively. We typically include services such as Cloud-based Data Storage and Management, Network Services, Email and Collaboration Tools, and Cybersecurity solutions to protect against data breaches and other security threats.

Additionally, we help governments comply with regulations and industry standards related to data protection and security, and can provide specialized support and expertise to help governments effectively use technology to support their operations and serve their communities.

We include services such as online Collaboration Platforms, and specialized software and applications that are specific to governmental bodies.
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