Helpdesk & End-User Support

Your employees typically don’t see the work that goes into setting up servers, networks, and IT services.

 What they deal with most often is technical support. The Help Desk is where employees go to resolve IT-related issues. We help resolve issues quickly and efficiently, allowing your team to get back to work.

Our aim is to always allow for a way to contact a real person.

Your employees should get immediate assistance or wait only a short time to speak with a person.

We provide well trained, polite and attentive Help Desk staff.

Assured provides clear and concise documentation and training materials, to help users understand how to use the services and access support when needed.

We regularly monitor and review the services to ensure that they meet the needs of your organization and its users.

We respond promptly to user feedback and requests. Our crew implement changes and improvements as needed.

Assured conducts regular testing and updates the services as needed to ensure that they remain secure and effective.

In a study conducted in 2012, employees who spent at least 6 hours a day at the computer lost anywhere from 3% to 7.6% of their productive time every day dealing with computer challenges.

Employees stated that at least 50% of the time, they preferred to turn to colleagues, family and friends, or work on the issues themselves rather than using the Help Desk. Their most common reason was the perception that to fix things themselves would be faster than using a help desk.
Source: CTRL ALT DELETE Lost productivity due to IT problems and inadequate computer skills in the workplace

We provide services that are helpful in a timely manner that encourage employees to turn to the Help Desk for issue resolution. Our services help employees resolve issues faster allowing them to get back their projects at hand.

Our services offer a centralized point of contact for all technical issues.

We are thoughtful and polite while interacting with your employees.

We direct the proper tier of support for each issue.

Our crew assists your team in learning to fix basic concerns.

Solutions and advice are kept clear and easy to understand.

We help with follow-ups and guarantee long-term satisfaction.

In-house IT staff are empowered to better prioritize their efforts.

Underlying flaws that lead to problems are quickly identified.

Our services give IT feedback about common questions to improve user experiences.

We help reduce time spent by your employees investigating concerns or finding ways to fix them.

Our Help Desk services also provide a solid foundation for more complex technical services, including higher-tier support, service desk support, on-site support, and documentation.

Let us become your trusted superhero for impeccable Help Desk solutions.
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