Entertainment & Sports

The Entertainment and Sports industry involves the business of organizing and promoting sports events and teams, as well as the manufacture and sale of sports equipment and apparel.

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that encompasses a wide range of activities and organizations, from professional sports leagues to amateur athletic associations.

Assured helps the Sports industry in a number of unique ways, including by providing High-Density WiFi Services and Network Security Services for sports arenas and stadiums.

Our expert teams help ensure that fans and staff have access to fast, reliable internet connectivity during events, which is important for activities such as streaming live video, checking scores, and accessing team and event information. High-density WiFi can also be used to support the increasing use of mobile ticketing and other digital technologies in the Sports industry, helping to improve the overall fan experience and drive revenue for teams and event organizers.

In addition to high-density WiFi, Assured provides other specialized technology services, such as real-time monitoring and incident response, to help protect against cyber threats and ensure the security and integrity of sports events and organizations.

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