Cloud Services & Migration

Assured has experience with cloud computing for small to enterprise level businesses.

Our services provide expert support and guidance in migrating to the cloud, and managing and maintaining cloud-based systems, helping your organization to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud computing. Cloud Services from Assured offer your organization a range of features and benefits from supporting collaborative applications to handling your infrastructure and security needs.


Assured provides cost saving options for secure and custom-designed cloud-based infrastructure support, from file sharing, server rooms, firewalls, and internal networks to secure messaging and conferencing. Let us help you transform your costs from set budget items to variable expenditures for only the resources you need at the time.


We offer a range of security features, such as encryption and access control, to help protect your organization's data and assets from cyber and other threats.

Integration with existing systems

Cloud Services are seamlessly integrated with your organization's existing systems and tools, providing a single, unified view of your IT environment.

Business-Specific Configurations

Assured provides you with a full business profile containing best-practice solutions for configuring your cloud services. We can also work within your specific requirements at any level of complexity.


Cloud Services are backed by our service level agreements (SLAs), which guarantee a certain level of uptime and availability.

Expert support

Our services are provided by experienced professionals who can provide expert guidance and support throughout the migration and management process.

Flexibility and scalability

Cloud Services allow your organization to easily scale up or down IT resources, as needed, and to access your systems and data from anywhere, at any time.


We offer a wide variety of well-known cloud applications to optimize organizational efficiencies. We support Dropbox, Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and many others.

Proactive approach

We take a consistently proactive approach to management and maintenance, helping you to identify and address potential issues before they become problems.


Assured provides a more cost-effective solution than on-premises systems, as organizations only pay for the resources they use, and don't need to invest in expensive hardware and software.

Quick Start-Up

Setting up an IT department or launching applications can require a significant time investment. Cloud-based infrastructure and applications can get you up and running quickly. Our Cloud Services are easily maintained and managed, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business.

Cloud Services offer your organization a flexible, cost-effective, and secure solution for managing your IT systems and data.

Our services provide expert support and guidance, and can help you take advantage of the many benefits of cloud computing. Let us become your trusted superhero for impeccable Cloud Services.