IDS Services

Assured’s IDS (Intrusion Detection System) service is based on security tools that help protect your company's network and assets by monitoring and analyzing network traffic for signs of potential security threats.

Our IDS services help you to improve your overall security posture by providing continuous monitoring and analysis of your network traffic. Engaging with our IDS service provides many benefits:

Continuous monitoring

IDS services monitor your organization’s network traffic 24/7, providing real-time detection and alerting stakeholders of potential security threats.

Threat analysis and response

Our Managed Security teams are composed of experienced security experts who analyze potential threats and take appropriate action to protect your company's assets.

Customized solutions

IDS services can be tailored to your company's specific needs, taking into account its industry, size, and unique security requirements.

Cost savings

By outsourcing IDS services to Assured, your company can save on the costs of hiring and training in-house security staff.

IDS services from Assured provide continuous monitoring and analysis of your company's network traffic, helping to protect your assets and improve your overall security posture.

By outsourcing IDS services your organization can save on the costs of in-house security staffing.
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